Woman Found Dead In Car Identified By Tulsa Police

Friday, August 28th 2015, 5:06 pm
By: Dee Duren

Tulsa Police have identified the woman found dead in a car early Friday morning. Juanita Engarcia Ibarra, 32, was found in a car stopped in a lane of traffic in the 8100 block of East 4th Place. That's just west of Memorial.

Homicide Sgt. Dave Walker said Ibarra was driving the car, and they believe she was the only one inside. 

"The investigation reveals that she was shot by someone outside the driver’s door," Walker said in a news release. 

A person driving by around 3 a.m. saw the Chevrolet Camaro stopped as if in the middle of a left lane turn. First responders arrived and pronounced Ibarra dead. She had been shot in the head.

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According to her family, Ibarra was a transient and struggled with drug issues.

"There is not anything that we can release other than the victim’s name and that she did not own the vehicle she was driving," Walker said.  He said Ibarra knew the owner of the car, and police have talked to that person.

They also recovered surveillance video from a nearby church and were looking to see if there was any additional footage.

"She does have a history with the police department on minor things," Walker said. "We're taking all angles, could be narcotics deal gone bad, robbery gone bad or something as simple as someone had a vendetta against this person."

They are trying to backtrack Engarcia's last day in hopes of figuring out a motive, but they don't believe it was a random shooting. They believe her lifestyle most likely put her at risk, and it's most likely someone she knew who walked up to the car.

"We believe something stopped her in that roadway, something she was comfortable with and knew what was going on,” Walker said.

It is Tulsa's 40th homicide of 2015.

Anyone with information on this murder please call Crime Stoppers at 918 596 2677 The homicide Tip Line 918 798 8477 or email homicide@cityoftulsa.org