Fundraiser Turns Monte Cassino Nun Into 'Skydiving Sister'

Friday, August 21st 2015, 11:28 pm
By: News On 6

A Tulsa nun agreed to skydive if the Monte Cassino community raised $60,000 for scholarships. They passed that goal and Friday evening, she followed through.

Sister Julia Roy had never skydived before but agreed to do it in front of the whole school; now that she’s done it once, she said she wants to go again.

"Fell out of a plane, you know. I had a good time! It was great," Roy said.

It wasn’t a flying nun, but a skydiving sister falling to the ground Friday.

Roy agreed to jump out of a plane if the Monte Cassino community raised $60,000 to pay tuition for students who can't afford it.

They ended up collecting $68,000.

Monte Cassino student, Bella said, "When I first heard, I was just like, ‘Wow, a nun jumping out of a plane? Cross that off my bucket list.’"

Roy soared above 1,000 spectators - all praying for a safe landing; it ended with two thumbs up and a lot of cheering and congratulations.

Roy said, "Everything's still attached. Didn't break anything, you're okay, you know?"

“Sister Julia obviously is up for the challenge and we really appreciate her willingness," said Monte Cassino parent, Ann Marie Brown.

Roy wasn’t the only one to jump, school director Matt Vereecke, also skydived for the cause.

Students, like Everette, are proud to help those less fortunate and are pretty impressed by their teachers.

“Man they're old, but they can do it," he said.

When asked how they would top this fundraiser, they said they might consider wrestling alligators.