Tulsa RV Dealer Frustrated After Vehicle Crashes Into Property, Driver Flees

Friday, August 21st 2015, 7:00 pm
By: Emory Bryan

An RV dealer along Interstate 44 is frustrated after someone crashed a vehicle and drove through a fence, totaling three vehicles on his property.

You would think that would be enough problems for a business owner to get the early wake-up call, but that was just the start of the problems.

It was 5 a.m. when police called the owner of Dean's RV to tell him about the wreck. The engine was cold in the car that crashed, and the driver nowhere to be found.

Police quickly determined they didn't need to be there because it wasn't their jurisdiction.

Fast forward to lunchtime - and the car was still there.

“I need to know if this guy has insurance and is going to participate in this, and here I sit,” Dean’s RV owner Randy Coy said.

While he thought the damage was around $100,000, the insurance was on hold without a police report - and without that he couldn't get the car towed away.

“We can't get anybody to come out and do the paperwork,” Coy said.

Hours and hours passed and the only thing they could do was fix the fence.

Meanwhile, Coy was trading phone calls with Tulsa police and the Oklahoma Highway Patrol.

“Highway patrol says the impact was on this property, which is Tulsa Police Department, so they both basically said ‘the other one doesn't know what they're talking about… it's not our problem,’” Coy said.

The accident created a jurisdictional question, because it started out in one place and ended in another.  The police department thinks since it started out on I-44, the highway patrol should work the accident. OHP thinks since the car ended up near Dean’s RV, it's a police department call. 

Twelve hours or so after it happened, and no one had done anything to move the situation forward.

The car had mail inside, some receipts and women's clothing.

But without a driver, and no one to track it down, Coy didn't know what the story was.

"So somebody out there is wondering ‘what happened to our vehicle and what happens next?’" he said.

After a lot of phone calls from Coy and several from News On 6, OHP decided it was their call.

Troopers responded just after 3 p.m.