Oklahoma National Guard Taking Steps To Arm Personnel

Tuesday, July 21st 2015, 3:03 pm
By: Dee Duren

The Oklahoma National Guard is working to arm some military personnel at National Guard facilities across the state after four Marines and a Sailor were killed by a gunman last week in Tennessee.

A news release states they are evaluating all security measure for facilities under the control of the National Guard to see if they should be enhanced.

The Guard is taking the actions after Governor Mary Fallin's executive order issued Friday authorizing the use of weapons, according to Major General Robbie L. Asher.

"Our Soldiers and Airmen greatly appreciated Governor Fallin's immediate response to better ensure their safety in the wake of the tragedy in Chattanooga," said Asher.  

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"She was the first governor in the country to step up and authorize the Guard to arm personnel in an effort to protect our servicemen and women from those that wish to do them harm."

Army and Air National Guard regulations allow for the arming of certain military personnel and the Oklahoma National Guard is currently determining which Soldiers and Airmen will begin routinely carrying firearms.  

The OKNG expects the decisions to arm personnel will be made this week and quickly put into practice across the state.