Thief Steals Baby's Ashes From Woman Moving To Oklahoma

Monday, July 20th 2015, 5:29 pm
By: Tess Maune

A mother who lost her daughter at birth 24 years ago says she feels like she's dealing with the death all over again.The urn that held the baby's ashes was stolen out of her U-haul that was parked in Tulsa. 

Cindy Sullivan just wants it back, no questions asked.

Sullivan is moving to Oklahoma from Colorado. She stayed in Tulsa Friday night before making the final leg of her trip to a small community near Tahlequah.

When she woke up to leave Saturday morning, she found her U-haul trailer was open and almost everything inside was gone including the ashes of her daughter.

"I rented a U-haul to bring all my personal items from my whole 20 years in Colorado, and now I've lost everything," Sullivan said.  

Sullivan says she stayed at the Hyatt Place hotel Friday night. When she went to sleep, the U-haul she rented was locked up tight and parked in the parking lot. But when she woke up to leave:

"It was open and all my stuff was gone," she said.

Packed away, she had furniture, jewelry and sentimental gifts that her mother had left her - but nothing as precious and irreplaceable as the urn that held her baby daughter's ashes. Kassandra Sheree Sullivan, who was born and died on April 1, 1991.

"She was a stillborn, so we had her cremated," Sullivan said.

The plan, Sullivan says, was to one day be buried with her daughter's ashes - hope that has now died at the hands of thieves.

"They probably just tossed it away," said Cindy Sullivan, theft  victim.

She says the urn is small and brass. And it's unique to her daughter.

"It has a lamb on it says Kassandra Sheree Sullivan and then the date, April 1, 1991," she said.

She says coming to terms with losing her daughter was hard enough the first time... so she hopes whoever took the ashes will return them, so she doesn't have to deal with losing her little girl again. 

"It took me a long time to get back in order when I did lose her, so it's really something important that I'd like to have back," Sullivan said.

There aren't any security cameras in the hotel parking lot, so Sullivan is hoping through this story and word of mouth that the urn will be found and returned.

Her family is offering what they can for its return, a $100 return. Sullivan says there will be no questions asked if she gets it back.

If you know anything or come across the urn, call Tulsa Police.