Tulsa Sheriff Wants Petition Signers Excluded From Grand Jury

Friday, July 17th 2015, 5:49 pm
By: Richard Clark

Attorneys for Tulsa County Sheriff Stanley Glanz want anyone who signed the petition to seat a grand jury to investigate his office to be excluded from serving on it.

Motion To Exclude Signators Of Petition For Grand Jury Investigation

They filed a motion with Judge Rebecca Nightingale's court asking that any signatories of the petition be disqualified. The motion says because people who signed the petition have "affirmatively presented themselves as supporters of the Grand Jury Petition, each signatory has disqualified himself on the basis of having a state of mind which will prevent him or her from acting impartially and without prejudice to the substantial rights of the Sheriff."

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Glanz's attorneys also submitted three proposed questions for the voir dire process of seating the grand jury:

Read The Proposed Voir Dire

1. Have you, any member of your family, or a friend, ever had any type of adverse incident involving the Tulsa County Sheriff's Office?
     A. Did the incident result in an arrest?

2. Have you, any member of your family, or a friend, ever had any type of adverse incident involving any other law enforcement agency operating in Tulsa County?
     A. Did the incident result in an arrest?

3. Do you know the Sheriff, any employees of TCSO, or any of the prospective witnesses and/or topics in this matter?
     A. Robert Bates?
     B. Eric Harris?
     C. Michael Huckeby?
     D. Tom Huckeby?
     E. Joseph Byars?
     F. Ken Yazel?
     G. Brian Edwards?
     H. Tim Albin?

Bates is the reserve deputy who says he accidentally shot and killed Eric Harris. The Huckebys and Byars are still with TCSO. Edwards and Albin are former members and Ken Yazel is the Tulsa County Assessor who was also a reserve deputy.

On Thursday, the Oklahoma Supreme Court chose to ignore a request from the sheriff and refused to halt the grand jury process in this case.

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The judge is scheduled to begin seating the grand jury on Monday, July 20, 2015.