Stolen Truck Found In 24 Hours Thanks To Social Media

Monday, July 13th 2015, 11:26 pm
By: News On 6

A pickup wrapped in CrossFit logos, advertising a local business was stolen and found within 24 hours, thanks to social media.

The owner of Okie CrossFit said the one-of-a-kind pickup was taken from his driveway.

Right away, he posted pictures online, hoping the right person spotted it and they did.

News on 6 talked to the owner who said it wasn't just one tip, but many that helped him find the pickup.

After the stolen pickup post was shared hundreds of times on Facebook, tips started flowing in and led the owner right to it.

Okie CrossFit owner Jake Crandall spends most of his time here inside his gym.

But on Saturday, he spent the day on Facebook, looking for clues to lead him to his stolen pickup.

"I got dressed for church and went out to do my daily routine of going to Starbucks and long and behold there was no truck there," Crandall said.

His pickup is hard to miss. With the large logo on almost every side, it's safe to say there's not another pickup like it around.

After he called police, he posted a picture of his truck on Facebook, asking people to keep an eye-out.

Almost instantly, strangers started messaging him, and the post was shared 596 times.       

"People saying, ‘I saw your car at 3:30, barreling down Riverside Drive and it almost hit me!’" Crandall said.

There were other sightings at businesses and a few apartment complexes.

Eventually he received this picture.

"There were some people who lived at the apartment that were messaging me," he said.

He went to the apartments near 75th and Wheeling with an officer and it was still there.

Crandall took this picture to share online, and let people know it was no longer in a thief's possession.

"It really meant a lot that people I will never ever meet took time to click share and it eventually hit some eye balls that were able to locate it for me," he said.

Why the thieves would take such a unique pickup is a mystery to Crandall, but he's thankful it stuck out.

He says the pickup was almost in the same condition he had left it except for some muddy tires, missing change and a stolen laptop.

The person who took it has not been caught.