Flash Flooding Flows Through Sand Springs

Thursday, July 9th 2015, 6:16 pm
By: News On 6

A lightning strike may have caused a fire at a Sand Springs house on Thursday, and the heavy rainfall flooded streets, parking lots and got dangerously close to a few buildings.

At least a half-foot of water surrounded a sno cone stand in Sand Springs, shutting it down.

Harper's Hut is near Charles Page Boulevard. The water has receded, but the water in the parking lot shows part of the problem. It's still a few inches high and earlier was even higher.

The water at the stand was up to the seats on the picnic tables out front, and was about 6 inches up on the Hut itself.

More than half of the building was surrounded by water.

The ground is still very muddy and wet and the water line on the building is about 6 inches high.

Although the owner, William Nozak, didn't see any water inside, he thinks the water damaged the electrical wiring around the building, along with the parking area, which has large ruts.

He owns four sno cone stands, and says the rain has shut down all but one today.

He says the rainy summer season has really hurt his business and today's rain comes just as the business was starting to pick up.

“Before that it was a super low because of all the rain,” Nozak said. “Here I am thinking we are about to take off, it's the second half of the season and here we've got a flooded hut."

A viewer also sent us this picture from the same parking lot.

A Tulsa County sheriff's deputy ended up in a ditch full of water because he probably could’t see the road for the flood waters.

People say the parking lot easily floods during a rain and takes a while to drain, but this is this first time it has shut down Harper's Hut.