Family Of 5-Year-Old Rape Victim Happy To See Tulsa Man Behind Bars

Thursday, June 25th 2015, 7:25 pm
By: News On 6

A judge sent a Tulsa man to prison for life for raping a 5-year-old girl.

Kyle Hancock asked the judge for a 15-year sentence and even offered to get castrated if it meant less than 20 years, but the judge chose life with no chance of parole.

Before the judge sentenced Hancock, he stood up in court and asked for a moment of silence for his victims, then said a prayer for the victims, saying it was not their fault and asked their forgiveness.

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The district attorney said his actions were a joke because in letters he wrote from jail he claimed the victims were lying.

Hancock was a convicted sex offender who had not registered his address with police when he broke into a home and raped a 5-year-old girl in May of 2014.

He said he picked a stranger because he couldn't put someone he knew through that.

The girl's mother, Lamanda, woke up, saw him and immediately attacked him, kicking and hitting until he dove out a window.

She was not moved by his claims that his bad childhood, drugs or an illness made him do it.

"I just keep in mind it's coming from someone very tormented inside. Obviously he has issues, so anything he states or believes is illegitimate," she said.

Even though Hancock's DNA was found inside the little girl, jail letters he wrote show how he first denied the rape, claiming the girl was coached and that the police planted evidence.

He then said, if he did it, he was drugged or temporarily insane; then he tried to get his family to lie and frame others.

Finally, he confessed, not only to raping the girl and videotaping it on his phone but to molesting many other children, relatives and kids of his friends.

"You can never be safe enough. You can never prepare enough in the world we live in nowadays, you have to be cautious," Lamanda said.

When Hancock realized he was headed to prison, he wrote it wouldn't be so bad because he could buy a PlayStation and TV and the state would have to pay for college classes and all his medical and dental issues.

The victim's family is just glad they will never have to look at him again and can't thank the police, doctors and prosecutors enough.

"It's been hard to sleep at night, knowing it's still yet to be decided. Now it's all said and done and it's a huge relief; really thankful," Lamanda said.

She said one day she will tell her daughter the reason Hancock will never breathe free air again is because she was brave enough to tell what happened and testify in a courtroom of strangers, and because of her, he will never hurt anyone ever again.