High Water Is Nothing New For Bixby Residents

Thursday, June 18th 2015, 7:02 pm
By: Emory Bryan

The heavy rain led to some issues with runoff in Bixby; there was enough water to close down one road.

Bixby has some experience with flooding, but this isn't nearly as bad as it's been - not even as bad as it was on Memorial Day Weekend.

The most impressive flooding was on a section of South Memorial - south of Duck Creek - where the water caught one driver off guard.

His minivan got stuck, leading to a quick rescue. Shortly after, Tulsa County put up barricades blocking off the road, which often floods after prolonged rain.

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The creek was high and moving fast towards the Arkansas River, but, for the most part, was within its banks.

The people who live south of Bixby, like Rob Donnely, are accustomed to dealing with high water.

“More or less just anything along the road. The ditches get a rain shower like this and it starts filling up pretty quick,” he said.

The runoff was strong through some of Bixby's neighborhoods that have flooded before, but it was well below a level where it would cause any problems.

For the most part, the drainage was at capacity or slightly over; but even where roads are covered it wasn't enough to be dangerous.

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Residents at the Pecan Park mobile home park closely watched the water.

“This ain't as bad as it was last time it was flooded,” Leroy Turner said.

The homes had ponds all around them, but this time it wasn't enough to even cover the road.

Woody Smith was out watching the weather Thursday. His home gets some of the runoff from the south side of town.

“This field over here behind us drains over this way, and once it gets here, it can't go anyplace,” he said.

Even though there's been more rain during the day, the water seems to be draining as fast as it falls.