Rogers County Deputies Arrest Man Holding Xbox Game Hostage

Tuesday, June 2nd 2015, 11:11 pm
By: News On 6

Rogers County deputies arrested a man after they said he tried to extort someone by holding a Xbox game ransom.

It was good police work and intuition by the Rogers County deputy who used a cell phone to track down their suspect.

Deputy Paul Tucker said he responded to a call of a burglary in progress along a rural Rogers County road.

The homeowner called police after realizing his mail, including a recent video game he ordered, was stolen.

He also had a voicemail on his cell phone.

"If you ever want to see your game again you will drop a 50 bill in your mailbox and leave it there," the voicemail said.

The first number was blocked, but Tucker said the caller called the homeowner again, this time with a number displayed.

"The inside of your house looks real nice. Now since you didn't leave me your 50 I'm taking your Xbox. If you ever want to see that again you will leave a 50 in your mailbox by tonight," the voicemail said.

"He is demanding and he is threatening to break into the man's home. He has got a family and kids and now he's got to worry about that," Tucker said.

Tucker said he noticed a truck parked far down the street in front of a home he believed to be empty. He got permission to enter the house and then called the number the victim gave him.

"The phone starts ringing inside the residence, so I knew what I had," Tucker said.

In the closet, he found 22-year-old James Harris and the missing video game.

Harris now faces charges that include larceny and knowingly concealing private property, which is a felony.

Investigators said this shows just what thieves can do by stealing mail.

"You have a mailbox in front of your house for what reason, if you can't trust that people will be honest enough and leave your things alone," Tucker said.

As far as Harris's criminal record, deputies said he didn't have much of one, just a few misdemeanors.