Sapulpa Residents Drying Out From Wet Weekend

Monday, May 25th 2015, 9:39 pm
By: News On 6

Flood waters overtook Sapulpa this weekend. Widespread flooding left homes and cars underwater; some people had to be rescued by firefighters.

The waters have now receded, and for one area along South Park, Monday was a vast difference from the weekend.

Neighbors said they know they're in a flood-prone area, but the latest was worse than they've seen in a long time.

Jaime Mueller's garage was much drier than it was this weekend. Sunday, there was a food of water, leaving everything drenched on Monday.

Luckily, she said, a family member recently moved out many of her belongings that were being stored there.

"Last week, this empty space is where all her stuff was and all of her kids valuables. It would've destroyed her," Mueller said.

She lives just across the street from a rescue captured by Osage SkyNews 6 HD on Sunday. The woman living there called 911 after the flood waters trapped her in her home.

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Sapulpa firefighters made their way to her front door and got her safely to dry land.

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"When the firefighters walked through, it was to their waist,” Mueller said. “There was nothing we could do to help them."

In one of the pictures Mueller took, you can see the top of a car peeking above the water. Hours later, after the water receded, the car remained stranded.

"Those people drove right into it and immediately sunk," Mueller said.

Her family woke to this and firefighters banging on her door, warning her about the rising waters.

"Amazing jobs, and thanks for everything you did. I was in a panic over who was pounding on my door at 5:00 in the morning and everything," she said.

The water never made it into Jamie's home. It was a close call, but not enough for her to consider moving.

"We are not going anywhere. It's scary, but it is what it is. We come from California where there were earthquakes. There's gonna be natural disasters wherever you go," Mueller said.