Lake Eufaula Resident Says He'll Stay Until He Has To Swim Out

Friday, May 22nd 2015, 6:03 pm

Many people are getting a little tired of the rain, especially for those who can't seem to catch a break around Lake Eufaula.

The water is so high there, one woman says she's leaving. Others say they are going to tough it out.

Back yards are now part of the lake, but if the rain keeps coming, it won't be long until some homes will be in the water, too.

“It ain't quit. It has not quit,” Dennis Haile said.

The rain has no remorse for Haile's property.

“It is certainly lakefront,” he said.

And Dennis has his own feelings about the rain.

“I am sick of it,” he said. “I've had all of it that I want for a little while.

He's still laughing a little, even though the water's edge is inching uncomfortably close the back of his house.

“I'm like in the lake,” he said.

Normally the lake sits back about 100 yards. But now, Dennis estimates it'll only take 8 inches to swamp his sunroom.

“I have moved this room empty because I expect it to flood,” he said.

In the next neighborhood over, Carroll Bass is doing her last bit of packing.

“It's just nerve-wracking,” she said. “I don't think I built it for a flood.”

The water and the wind are waging war on Carroll. The lake is now underneath her cabin, making it, at times, feel more like a houseboat.

“Boy, when the wind hits the water, it just bounces on it…” she said. “In the restroom, it was hitting the bottom of the pipes, and it was hitting the floors and I thought, 'Ugh! It's time to go, so I started packing everything up.'”

We introduced you to Carroll last week. She was ready to evacuate then,with most of her bags packed and furniture on cinder blocks.

But with more rain on the way, she's certain the water is going seep in her place, so she's leaving.

But folks like Dennis Haile, over by flooded Lakeside Drive and Catfish Lane, said they're going to wait it out to the bitter end.

“I'm gonna stay until I have to swim out.”

Lake Eufaula is still open, but if you do plan on getting out in the water, you need to watch out for limbs, logs and other floating debris that is washing in with the flood.