Tulsa City Surplus Auction Attracts Bargain Hunters

Saturday, May 2nd 2015, 8:39 pm
By: News On 6

The City of Tulsa is raking in the dough after a spring cleaning of sorts.

The city took in $20,000 for a police mobile command unit, which was just one of the items sold at the surplus auction on Saturday.

Tulsa typically brings in well over $400,000 at its auctions.

Bidders gathered and shoppers found an eclectic assortment of gadgets and gizmos -- even ambulances and trash trucks were among things for sale that were formerly used by the city.

And while many didn't head straight for the garbage trucks and stun guns-- there was something for about everyone.

Like Chris Harris, who came from from Haskell looking for a car for his sister.

"I'm hoping we can find a cheap, good car for her to learn how to drive on,” he said.

The auction featured cars, trucks, work vehicles and more, all for a fraction of the original price tag.

But with so many people out for the same deals, the auction can get competitive.

“And there seems to be a lot of people so it may go too high, we may have to settle for something else," Harris said.

And if a car isn't in the cards, shoppers could bid on iPhones, iPods, Airsoft rifles and computers.

There were deals and steals that are hard to find anywhere else, but bidders had to act quick to beat others to the chase.

“Yeah, I didn't think there would be quite this many people you know… I was hoping we could sneak in and get something and sneak out with it, but I don't think we're going to be able to sneak out with anything here though,” Harris said.

It was a day of thrifty fun that was good for the bidders and good for the city.