Vandal Defaces Downtown Tulsa Properties; Posts To Instagram

Tuesday, April 14th 2015, 11:16 pm
By: News On 6

A vandal has hit more than a dozen downtown spots, marking cars, buildings and signs. Then, the person went to social media to post pictures.

One of the victims saw the photos and recognized his wife's car.

The vandal is drawing the same image – which somewhat resembles a face - over and over again.

Within one block, you can spot nine of the markings, and that doesn't even include the car the vandal drew on.

As people go about their business in downtown Tulsa, walking by fountains and taking a stroll on the brick-paved sidewalks, the strange face stares right at them.

Oliver Sutton said he wasn't impressed by what he called the work on an amateur.

"At least be a little bit more creative in what they do, because my toddler could have drawn that, or maybe a little better," he said.

The faces, along with obscene words, can be found near buildings, on FedEx drop-off boxes, signs, maps and much more all across the downtown area.

Sutton said the most disturbing one is the blue face he found drawn on the side of his wife's white car.

"I was very frustrated because people work very hard to provide ourselves with nice things that we take care of, and to find something like this on my wife's less than year old car, it was very frustrating," he said.

Not long after he found the graffiti, a picture popped up on an Instagram account Sutton believes belongs to the vandal.

Whoever did it even named the neighborhood where the vandalism happened.

"Fortunately he didn't get her license plate on there," Sutton said.

There were a few other pictures of the same face, including one that looks to be on the back of a bathroom door at Guthrie Green with someone crouching below it.

"People that do this behavior, they aren't concerned about the consequences. They are going to do whatever they want to do, whoever it affects, they find it clever and cute," Sutton said.

He thinks it's anything but; and instead of pressing charges, he'd like to sit down and talk to the vandal.

“Find a different outlet to express creativity other than someone's personal property," Sutton said.

All of the evidence has been turned over to Tulsa police, who said the pictures taken from social media will greatly build their case and help find the person responsible.