Claremore Man Jailed For Threatening Judge, Lawyer In Guardianship Case

Friday, April 10th 2015, 7:44 am
By: Dave Davis

A Claremore man is in jail accused of threatening to kill a judge and an attorney. Melvin Jacobs is in the Rogers County Jail Friday.

Court documents show he is being held without bond - and that no bond will be set until he appears in court.

Rogers County deputies say a witness overheard Jacobs making threats toward Rogers County Judge Stephen Pazzo and an attorney in the guardianship case of Jacobs' parents.

Deputies say Melvin Jacobs was in Judge Stephen Pazzo's courtroom Thursday, for the beginning stages of a family guardianship case - and they say he was mad when he left.

Outside the courtroom deputies say a witness overheard Jacobs threaten the judge and a Mayes County attorney.

It's not clear exactly what Jacobs said - but deputies say it was a threat to kill them.

When the Rogers County Sheriff's Office learned about it, they jumped into action. Now deputies are keeping an eye on the judge and attorney's houses, and there could be more charges to come. 

"We started initiating security as far as family for the judge. We also went so far as to contact three different units within our Sheriff's Office," said Major Coy Jenkins, Rogers County Sheriff's Office.

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We are told Jacobs, 58, lives with his parents but is not their guardian. Deputies got a search warrant for the house. They say they didn't find much but are continuing to investigate.

Jacobs was booked on a complaint of threatening to perform an act of violence - which is a misdemeanor. There is another stipulation stating that he cannot have contact with the potential victims or their families once he does get bond.

The Rogers County Sheriff's Office says any threat to any member of the judicial system is very serious, regardless of what was said.

"It's very similar to walking into Tulsa International Airport and saying something about an explosive device. It's going to be reacted on," Jenkins said.

Right now, Jacobs is accused of a misdemeanor, threatening an act of violence, but deputies tell me there could be more charges to come.