Police: South Tulsa Standoff Ends, Suspect Surrenders

Tuesday, April 7th 2015, 4:21 pm
By: News On 6

A standoff between Tulsa police and a shooting suspect came to an end after hours of conversation.

Tulsa police said Brad King surrendered peacefully around 8:00 Tuesday evening. They said a dialogue had gone on for hours with King giving several reasons why he didn't think he could surrender.

Police said they fired shots of tear gas into the the building at 58th and Peoria, but no actual rounds were fired.

According to police it all started with a shooting near 61st and Lewis and escalated into a standoff with King about a mile away, near 58th and Peoria Tuesday evening.

Police had one suspect in custody while King barricaded himself inside an appliance store. Police said he even called them to say he was armed.

The whole thing started at a nearby apartment where police said a woman was taking her uncle - who is in the middle of a property dispute - by his apartment to get some clothes.

She had her three kids in the car.

Police said the uncle was shot in the torso at the apartment, then, then drove several miles to the QuikTrip at 61st and Lewis for help.

A detective was driving a witness to the shooting back to the police station for questioning when police said the witness recognized the suspect vehicle, with two people inside.

Police started chasing the car, and King rolled out of the passenger seat and onto the street.

Police said that's when he ran to the appliance store near 61st & Peoria and barricaded himself.

There was one employee inside at the time and was able to escape.

Police said the driver of the suspect vehicle is in custody and is being questioned.

Now that King is in custody, police said they will go in the building to see if he was actually armed.

Tulsa Police Officer, Leland Ashley said they were successful in getting King to talk to them and surrender peacefully.

"We always try to end these things peacefully. We hope we can. That's always our main goal is to try to end it peacefully, you know we don't want any of the officers injured we don't want any civilians injured. Of course the suspect, we want him to come out peacefully," Ashley said.

According to reports, due to the shooting investigation Metro Christian was put on lockdown. Sources say they are allowing limited pickup, instructing parents to approach the school from a safe direction.