Search Continues For Escapees From Stringtown Prison

Monday, March 9th 2015, 7:00 pm
By: News On 6

The search continues for two escaped prisoners who cut their way through a medium security prison fence. Lance Colbert is serving two life sentences for first-degree murder convictions in Tulsa, and Dewayne Motsenbocker is in prison for armed robbery from Oklahoma City.

Corrections officials say video shows a person throwing something over the perimeter fence right before the two men escaped. They also say two prison employees have now resigned as a result of Sunday night's escape.

Homeowners in the area are on high alert until the two get caught.

Law enforcement is deploying all its resources looking for Colbert and Motsenbocker.

Prison officials say video shows someone from outside the fence throwing a pair of wire cutters over it to prisoners, allowing them to cut through and escape.

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Homeowners are staying indoors while police and U.S. Marshals look for the men.

"I'll sleep with one eye open till they've caught them, you know?" said Atoka County resident David Gardner

Gardner says he knows living near a prison has its risks and always checks on neighbors.

"It's kind of a bad situation in a way living this close to one," he said. "You don't even know when you might go to answer the door and it be one of them come in looking for or trying to get a gun or a car to escape on farther down the road."

Department of Corrections director Robert Patton says the prisoners are seen on surveillance video escaping through a hole in the fence an hour after the wire cutters were thrown over the fence.

Patton says the medium security prison was fully staffed and guards were making the required rounds and didn't notice any unusual activity when the perimeter guard passed by.

"We do have perimeter alarms that went off," said Director Robert Patton, Oklahoma Dept of Corrections.

"One of our officers did check the area but did not notice any unusual activity. It appears the offenders were hiding at that time."

Patton says Colbert and Motsenbocker were wearing gray prison uniforms.

Authorities say the men should be considered dangerous, and if you see them, call 911.