Tulsa Food Delivery Service Sees Orders Skyrocket With Snow

Wednesday, March 4th 2015, 11:20 pm
By: News On 6

Winter weather may be shutting down schools and some area businesses, but for food delivery joints it's a blessing.

One local delivery place said on days like Wednesday, their orders skyrocket.

There was quite a bit of accumulation on the roads Wednesday, and it's those rough conditions and weather that typically make business slow for stores and restaurants, but for food delivery places, it's a much different story.

The weather outside may be frightful, but for delivery businesses like Ramsey's Steak and Grill, the weather makes demand for their business delightful.

"I mean any kind of weather, even a little bit of rain, is going to help any delivery business in town," said owner Ramsey Sidawi.

The family-owned and operated steak delivery joint has been serving up grill classics for carryout or delivery since 1990, but Sidawi said even with a long time reputation in the area, bad weather sends fresh faces their way.

"You obviously see an uptick in the amount of new customers which is kind of cool," Sidawi said.

New customers and lots of orders; Sidawi said on days when the weather is bad he sees orders double.

He said he does have to look out for his staff as on days like Wednesday, as delivery drivers have to deal with road conditions just like anyone else.

“Because of the icy weather, I mean, we do care about our employees. We do go about seven or eight miles which is pretty far for delivery places, especially when it involved steaks and stuff. We're going about five miles tonight, which is not a big difference, but it is when you're delivering stuff," said Sidawi.

If conditions become impassible, of course they won't be able to serve up anything at all; but as long as roads aren't too bad, the long-time steak and grill said it will brave the cold so customers don't have to.

"I mean the winter for sure helps us no matter what, I mean, we're delivery," said Sidawi.

Even though delivery places profit on bad weather days, if things get too bad they have to shut down operations just like anyone else.