Audio: Controllers, Pilots Calmly Handle Tulsa Emergency Landing

Tuesday, February 10th 2015, 7:03 pm

By: Richard Clark, Craig Day

American Airlines has not released the cause that forced an American Eagle flight to make an emergency landing in Tulsa Monday evening. 

Audio of the conversation between ground controllers and the pilots indicate how calmly the professionals handled the urgent situation.

American Eagle Flight 3235 from Dallas to Cedar Rapids landed in Tulsa at about 6:12 p.m. Tuesday, February 9, 2015, because of fumes in the cockpit.

The website recorded the audio of ground controllers and pilots dealing with the emergency. In the audio, the American Eagle Flight is called Envoy 3235. 

The following is a partial transcript of the conversation between the ground controllers, the pilots of Envoy 3235 as well as other pilots in reference to the emergency:

Controller: “Sir, I'm going to, uh, widen you out just a little bit, I've got an emergency overhead the airport with a, uh, RJ and he's coming down I'm not sure exactly where he's gonna go, but uh we'll get you in reference him.”
United 3649: “Roger that, 3649.”

Controller: “3649, descend and maintain 2,500, I think I can get you in ahead of him here, so we'll go ahead and get you in in just a second.”
United 3649: “Sounds good, we're down to 2,500. 3649.”

Envoy 3235: “Approach we're 3235 turning 1-0-0, uh 16,000.”
Controller: “Envoy 3235, Tulsa Approach, good afternoon. Try a heading of 1-6-0, descend and maintain 5,000. Runway 3-6 Right.”

Envoy 3235: “Alright, 3-6 Right, uh, 1-6, I'm heading down to 5,000. 3235.”

Envoy 3235: “Approach, 3235, if you could have crash, fire and rescue meet us at the gate, uh, we've got some medical emergencies on board, please.”
Controller: “3235, wilco.”

Controller: “Envoy 3235, just advise when you're ready for the base turn for the airport at your altitude.”
Envoy 3235: “We'll call the base.”

Controller: “Envoy 3235, roger, turn left heading of 0-6, uh, make that 0-7-0 and you can advise when you have the airport in sight.”

Envoy 3235: “0-7-0, Envoy 3235.”
Controller: “Yes sir. If you'd like I'll give you a vector onto the localizer if you want it.”

Envoy 3235: “This should work.”
Controller: “Very good.”

Controller: “We got a confirmation of the souls on board. 6-9er, 69. Fuel: 8,100, and they are requesting medical personnel at the gate.”

Controller: “Do you know what gate you'll be parking at?”
Envoy 3235: “We're going to be clearing and stopping and popping doors and hoping that crash, fire and rescue will meet us there.”

Controller: “On 3-mile final right now, we've got an emergency that's about to land on 3-6 Right. He should be able to clear. It's not a mechanical, he's got smoke in the cockpit, so uh, hopefully he should be clear, I just wanted to prep you just in case.”

Controller: “875, looks like they've advised the tower that actually they're going to stop on the runway so they can pop the doors and, uh, ventilate the airplane because it's back in the cabin now and it's causing some problems with the passengers so I'm gonna find out if Runway 8 or 2-6 is available. I also have 3-6 Left available if you'd rather have that. The winds right now are 0-5-0 at 3.”

Delta 875: “Approach, Delta 875, our plan B, our first choice would be Runway 8.”
Controller: “Delta 875, Approach. Roger, looks like it won't be a problem. They did clear the runway. Runway 3-6 Right is open.”

American Airlines arranged for hotel rooms for all the passengers on the plane and then put them on other flights Tuesday morning to continue their trips. 

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None of the 67 people on board was hurt.


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