Garth, Fans Share Excitement Over Tulsa Concerts

Friday, January 9th 2015, 11:01 pm
By: News On 6

Garth Brooks returned to a Tulsa stage for the first time since 1997 Friday night, and it wasn't just fans that were excited heading into the concert.

Both Garth and his wife, Trisha Yearwood shared that excitement. Garth said he felt some added pressure performing again in his home state.

In a night many had been waiting for since 1997, Garth Brooks came back to Tulsa.

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"We listened to Garth Brooks like the whole way down here, so I'm excited," said fan Myranda Reeves.

Another fan, Gwen Klinger said, "He's a good Okie and we're here to support him."

"Garth Brooks has been a part of our family,” Garth fan, Mary Moore said. “So this is like a once in a lifetime for me."

Garth wants his seven concerts in Tulsa to mean something to Oklahomans, but also wants the concerts to kick off a comeback, the second half of his career.

"All you want to do is mean something to the people you grew up with," he said. "I wanna make everything in the 90s look small. We all laugh. That's what we do. Then you look at the tour, 120% so far of what we did in the 90s. That makes you feel good."

Garth and Trisha just moved from Owasso to Nashville, but said they already miss it.

“He told me, he said, what you're going to love most about Owasso are the people, and he was right. And that's what I miss most, and the sunsets, and Braum's," Trisha said.

The two live what they call boring lives until it comes time to take the stage. They said they're able to stay grounded because of how they were raised.

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"Both of our parents definitely taught us about how to respect others. My mom was famous, if someone asked her, 'How's your famous daughter?' she'd say ‘Which one,'" Trisha said.

The couple said they're nervous getting back on stage in Oklahoma, but fans were ready to embrace them.

“Knowing that I actually get to go see him now that he's out of retirement has just been amazing," Chelsea Hayes said.

As for whether the famous couple will ever move back to Green Country, they said never say never.

"And if she goes, ‘I wanna live in Oklahoma on the beach,' then I'm going to go to work. Trust me," Garth said.

Garth and Trisha now have six more concerts here in Tulsa.