White Tiger In Wagoner County Enjoys The Cold Weather

Thursday, January 8th 2015, 10:28 am
By: News On 6

Most people have never seen a white tiger in person. I sure haven't, but I heard there was one at the Safari's Animal Sanctuary east of Broken Arrow. So despite a cold wind chill, I headed to Wagoner County to have a look.

"It really doesn't get cold enough in Oklahoma for a tiger," said Lori Ensign. 

It sure is cold enough for me. 

Lori Ensign founded Safari's almost 20 years ago. There are more than 200 animals at the sanctuary including a white tiger. 

"Isn't he amazing, look at those eyes," said Lori Ensign. 

The tiger's name is Lucian, he's been here since October. Came from another animal sanctuary, before that he was probably someone's pet. 

Lucian is 8-years-old, so what does he weigh? 

"About five, we're guessing, 500, 600," said Lori Ensign. 

Too big for a pet, but gorgeous just the same. 

I can't stop looking at Lucian, blue eyes and brown stripes. One of nature's accidents, but still very much a tiger. 

He's already had his ten pounds of meat for today, but Tina Bayer who works with the big cats at Safari's Animal Sanctuary has made him some meatballs.

"They have ground deer, buffalo, bison, chicken, turkey, beef, veal, and also lamb," said Tina Bayer. 

Lucian digs the meatballs. He gobbled up nine of them and when he was done he gave Tina a little tiger thank you through the fence. 

Lucian one of 27 big cats at Safari's.

"Tigers, lions, leopards, cougars, lynx, bobcats," said Lori Ensign. 

He's so calm, obviously raised as a pet. Another tiger at Safari's was never a pet. Sabra approaches food much differently. 

Well, see you Sabra, good bye Lucian. You may be ok with the cold but I've had enough and I'm headed for the house. 

Interested in volunteering at Safari's, visit their website for more information.