Tulsa DA: Police Had Their Man In Rape Suspect Desmond Campbell

Tuesday, July 8th 2014, 11:51 am
By: Dee Duren

Tulsa County District Attorney Tim Harris held a news conference Tuesday in connection to the Tulsa serial rape suspect investigation.

He said he wants the public to know the police case against suspect Desmond Campbell is strong, and although justice won't take place in a court room, police have their man.

"This suspect was the suspect in the series of rapes," Harris said.

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol notified the DA and Tulsa Police at 11:23 a.m. Tuesday that Campbell had died. Police said Campbell had been in a coma since wrecking a car on Sunday, June 29, 2014 just minutes after the most recent sexual assault was reported.

Harris says the public deserves to know the facts that led his office to approve 23 charges against Campbell.

Assistant District Attorney Steve Kunzweiler thanked the police, the public and the victims for their work together. He said the justice Campbell will face will come from a "higher authority."

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Chief of Police Chuck Jordan wanted people to know that there is no doubt Campbell is the man who attacked the victim who helped police with a composite picture.

DNA evidence linked Campbell to her home, Jordan said.

Campbell's death does not mean the community should let down its guard as other possible dangers still exist, DA Harris stressed.

"People have to be aware. We know this probably won't be the last sexual assault in Tulsa County."

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Harris said we should not live our lives in fear, "but in complete observation of what could happen."

Documents released Monday show strong evidence against Campbell. Search warrants describe the long and violent attacks police said seven Tulsa women endured at the hands of Campbell. They said he terrorized them, assaulted them and then stole from them in an apparent attempt to protect himself from prosecution.

At Tuesday's news conference, Harris said ethics prevent police and prosecutors from discussing forensic evidence gathered against Campbell. He said now that Campbell is dead that restriction no longer applies. Harris released copies of the probable cause affidavit to the media at the end of the news conference.

Police say Campbell forced the women to wash after the attacks and took one woman's nightgown and bedding. Still, that didn't erase all the DNA evidence at the victims' homes, police say.

The search warrants also say police found dark clothing, hoodies, gloves and knives in Campbell's apartment. Evidence from the victims' homes was also found in Campbell's car, police say.

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