Two Running, Three On Ballot For Tulsa District Attorney

Monday, June 23rd 2014, 8:51 pm
By: Emory Bryan

Tulsa's District Attorney's race will have three names on the ballot, but two people actually running - and one who says the others can't legally be running.

The election could come down to experience and which kind of experience matters more.

Steve Kunzweiler says he's most at home in front of jury box, instead of campaigning. He's been a career prosecutor, working as an assistant DA in the office that he now wants to run. 

"This is a job that's going to require experience and that's what I bring to the equation," said Steve Kunzwelier, Candidate for District Attorney.

"I've been a prosecutor for 24 years, and when you're looking to someone to head the ship you want someone with experience."

His opponent is State Representative Fred Jordan, a former military prosecutor, now in a private law practice.

"The district attorney's office is very much a servant of the public, and you need someone who can relate to the community, get out in front of the education community, the civic groups, the other governmental leaders, and be a strong voice while they run the office in an efficient and effective manner," said Fred Jordan, Candidate for District Attorney.

Last week, Kunzweiler filed suit over the legality of his two opponents being in the race. A constitutional ban on lawmakers running for an office when they've voted on a pay raise is the issue.

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That prompted State Senator Brian Crain to drop out of the race - though he's still on the ballot.

"It really hasn't changed our plans, we've been getting our message out, trying to make sure we do what we can to win tomorrow and not let that distract us and keep driving forward," Jordan said.

Kunzweiler says while the constitutional question won't be answered before the election - he's confident the question has to be answered.

"We're asking a court to review the law and the facts and let the court make the decision," he said.

Read Kunzweiler's petition to the court.

If there's a clear winner Tuesday, that person will go into office - but not until January. With Crain on the ballot, there's is a chance of the race going to a runoff.