Wyandotte Event Allows People To Test Exotic, Fully Automatic Weapons

Sunday, June 22nd 2014, 6:04 pm
By: News On 6

A gun range in Wyandotte on Saturday hosted the annual event that draws people from all across Green Country.

The Oklahoma Full Auto Shoot and Trade Show had full high-power down range all day.

"It's amazing," Tahlequah resident David Pennington said. "There's no greater adrenaline rush besides jumping out of an airplane."

Pennington got a chance to pull the trigger of a fully automatic mini-Galil.

He's one of the many spectators coming out and getting some firepower into his hands.

"It sounds a little bit silly, but you know, what I do? I put smiles on people's faces," expert Alan Samuel said.

Samuel and his team Machine Gun tours travel all across the country allowing people to try out the exotic weapons.

"Why shouldn't every law-abiding citizen have a chance to go out there and experience the firearms that you see on movies and television [and] may be cost prohibitive for you but allows you to go out there and have that experience," Samuel said.

No one can just walk into a gun store and buy a fully automatic rifle or a machine gun from a tank.

"Most people [have] never got the chance to shoot unless they've been in the military or something, and then a lot of military guys, they remember what they shot and they want to go shoot one again," organizer Mike Friend said.

"But the actual process to take ownership of these firearms is extremely rigorous. Takes a full background check and right now 10 to 12 months for that background check by the ATF," Samuel said.

The biggest highlight of the weekend is simply called, "Kill the Car."

People line up on the range locked and loaded to shoot at cars filled with explosives.

This year a rifle used in World War II started things off with a bang.

"Ready? Fire in the hole!"

"It's wonderful," Pennington said. "I'll come back every year."