Oklahoma Fishermen Looking For The Big One

Saturday, June 21st 2014, 11:42 pm
By: News On 6

It's another nice day out at Grand Lake. The water is calm and for the fishers, they're looking to catch.

"When you're on ‘em, it ain't nothing like it, NSU fisherman Lane Kindle said. "It's fun that you can catch them and beat the guys that think they can beat you. And when you're not on them, it just makes me want to catch them even worse."

36 colleges participated in the FLW College Fishing tournament. The top 15 head to the national tournament. Locally, many Oklahoma school are represented, in familiar surroundings. It starts early.

"First thing on out mind is to get 5 fish, and then the 2nd thing is we want to get a big one," OSU fisherman Dustyn Pendergraft said.

The big one, meaning the big fish, is the prize. Sometimes you catch one, but, sometimes you don't.

"It was thrilling until I saw it coming into the boat. And then I got a little depressed," OU fisherman Landon Dixon said.

But there's more to it than just casting and reeling. There's focus and then making sure you've got the good catch.

"It's more of a mental game than a lot of the other mainstream sports. It can be physical too," Kindle said.

For the college fishers competing in this tournament they have over 60,000 acres of water to choose from. So when they begin, they have to have a very detailed game plan in order to catch the big one.

"There's always thoughts going through your mind," Pendergraft said. "Should I be here, should I be there, should I do this? You just got to go with your gut feeling."

"We trying to fish slow, make key points, hit some brush piles up," NSU fisherman Connor Schwab said.

But whatever the plan, at the end, it's results. The team that gets the big one wins the cash and advances. It makes up for a draining day at the lake.

"Definitely working the long hours at the job, putting money into it and then winning the tournament to get the money, it pays off," Schwab said.