Tulsa Man Arrested For Duct-Taping 5-Year-Old Boy To Chair

Friday, June 13th 2014, 4:10 pm
By: Richard Clark

Prosecutors have charged a Tulsa man with child abuse by injury for duct-taping a 5-year-old boy to a chair.

Tulsa Police identify the suspect as Brandon Crisel. They say the boy had been placed in his care as part of a Department of Human Services "safety plan placement guardianship."

Prosecutors say Crisel, 31, told investigators he had duct-taped the boy while joking with him, but then admitted that the boy was in trouble and it was punishment for the boy to placed in the chair for more than two hours.

According to an affidavit, the case came to light on April 29, 2014 when the victim told his teacher and then a counselor about it. Police say the victim told the adults Crisel would "make a mummy out of him with the tape" if he got into trouble at school again.

School personnel called DHS which sent an investigator to the school. The investigator photographed the injuries and tape residue on the boy. The boy told investigators Crisel taped him to the chair as punishment for "getting a red face at school" and that he "couldn't move a muscle" when he was taped down.

DHS took the boy into custody that day and police interviewed Crisel the next day. They say Crisel admitted to duct-taping the boy's arms and legs to the wooden chair and then placing tape over his mouth. He even showed investigators the roll of tape he used.

He told investigators that the boy was injured and started to cry when he removed the tape.

Prosecutors filed the child abuse charge against him on Thursday and he was booked into jail on Friday on a $20,000 bond.

DHS spokesperson Sheree Powell told News On 6 the child was actually placed with Crisel's mother. She says all adults in that house had to undergo a background check and sign a safety plan, pledging to keep the kids safe.

Powell says the child is in DHS custody. She says use of the term "guardianship" in the affidavit was not correct.