Funny Farm: Tulsa School's Goat, Goose Become Best Friends

Wednesday, June 11th 2014, 7:27 pm
By: News On 6

When a News On 6 viewer sent an email about a goose that may think of himself as a goat, it was something we needed to check out.

His name is Henry, and he's been at Riverfield Country Day School for 20 years.

"He has friends he stays close to. Bonnie, the little black goat, is his best friend," said Wes Rowell with Riverfield Country Day School.

They kind of hang out together. When you see Henry, Bonnie's not far away, and vice versa. Some would say, Henry thinks he's a goat, but it's hard to know what a goose is thinking really.

Mary Jo Saizow loves the animals. She's had two kids graduate from Riverfield, so has spent lots of time watching all of them.

"Then I started noticing the goose and the goat, were always together," Saizow said.

Just like any friendship, they need some "me time," but they always end up back together at some point.

"It just makes me in a good mood each morning when I see them, and I look for them," Saizow said.