Construction Sends Snakes Slithering Into Owasso Neighborhood

Wednesday, May 7th 2014, 10:08 pm
By: News On 6

Rapid growth in Owasso is pushing some animals out of their habitats. New construction is causing snakes to sneak into neighborhoods.

Several people in Owasso said since houses went up, they've seen snakes in their yard; one even bit someone.

Call it growing pains. As construction continues in Owasso, snakes are slithering out.

The "Owassoisms" Facebook page shows snakes creeping into neighborhoods. One guy is even offering to come and get them.

"We've had construction for twenty years, booming. Why just now," asked Richard Smith.

Smith lives behind Centennial Park, a known snake haven that sits between his neighborhood and 98 new homes being built. He said snakes are part of neighborhood ritual.

"My son and his friends, they go snake hunt at the park every year and it's nothing new," Smith said.

We set out to find snakes, but didn't see any; just ducks, geese and llamas.

Neighbor Carl Saxton said construction is bringing snakes to his yard, and one in particular put up a fight.

"Went down like this to get it and it jumped right up and it bit me on my right forearm," Saxton said. "The thing jumped right up and bit me right in the same place again."

Owasso animal control said most snakes in town are non-venomous water snakes and rat snakes. Saxton said he was bitten by a rat snake.

"They don't have anywhere to go," Saxton said. "Two big ponds, there's also the creek bed that's run through there. They've dried that up."

Still, Smith said it's no big deal.

"There's not an enormous amount of snakes or anything," he said.

If a snake crawls into your yard, you're on your own to get it out. Animal control will remove a snake only if it's in your house.