Bartlesville Family Wakes Up To Deer In Its Swimming Pool

Wednesday, May 7th 2014, 4:47 pm
By: Richard Clark

A Bartlesville woman says it's nature's way of telling her she needs to get her pool ready for summer.

Renee Saenz says she and her family thought a tree limb had crashed through the cover of their pool when they woke up this morning. Then they noticed splashing in the shallow end.

They thought a raccoon or a possum had fallen in, but when her husband lifted one end of the cover they discovered a very scared doe.

Renee says they waited for about an hour to see if the deer would make her way out.

"We got worried about her getting hypothermic so decided to call animal control. Unfortunately, they weren't on shift yet so they sent three officers out to assist," she wrote.

As Renee's daughter Allyson shot video of police trying to help the deer out of the pool, the doe managed to climb out on her own and run away.

"I've had to toss moles and plenty of frogs out of there but I never imagined we'd have to rescue a deer," she said.

Renee says their yard is fenced but fences mean nothing to the deer in her neighborhood.