Law Firm To Investigate Wagoner Senior Prank

Monday, May 5th 2014, 11:29 pm
By: Tess Maune

It's a school prank that has some parents calling for Wagoner's superintendent and high school principal to resign.

One student ended up in the hospital.

The school says as many as ten students were disciplined, but some say that's not enough.

In an executive session, Wagoner school board members discussed the fallout from this senior prank for nearly two hours before voting to call in a law firm to investigate.

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"It's just splitting our community," said Paula Powell, mother of a Wagoner senior.

Powell's daughter was part of the prank that she says is being blown out of proportion.

"They're good kids and they shouldn't have to take the heat of the whole community. It feels like the whole community attacking them for something they weren't responsible for," Powell said.

Last Sunday's Prank Night was school-sanctioned and approved by administrators. It was supposed to be a few cars in the hallways and senior flags out front.

"The prank always winds up looking as a mess, but the kids always clean it up by 8:00 that next morning, but it's just to be fun for the other students, the underclassmen, to come in and see, ‘Oh my gosh look what they did,'" said Powell.

But, parents and teachers say things got out of hand when some seniors busted ceiling tiles to break into classrooms, destroying assignments and leaving feces on desks.

The school says reports of feces are false, but admits students did use stink-bait.

"Kids are gonna be kids. If you put a hundred kids somewhere that aren't supervised, something's gonna happen every, single time," said David Sayers.

Sayers' said the prank put his son in the emergency room. He said the principal, who was supposed to be supervising, was inside his office while his son was attacked and left with a concussion.

"I'm looking for accountability, that's all I want and I think that's all the majority of the people want," he said. "I thought, maybe we would get some kind of explanation/accountability today from this meeting, and I don't think we're going to, ever."

The law firm now investigating is the same one that Sayers says employs the school's attorney.

"They're gonna try to cover all this up," he said.

Superintendent Monte Thompson would not to speak with us, but last week told us the fight was not affiliated with the school, and called it a successful Senior Prank Night, supervised by the principal and parents.

Wagoner Police Chief Bob Haley said the fight did happen on school property and is under investigation.