Police, ME Differ On Cause Of Death For Tulsa Kidnapping Suspect

Friday, April 4th 2014, 10:27 pm
By: News On 6

He was a suspect in a kidnapping, and wanted on a drug warrant, when he led police on a chase in December resulting in his death. Police said 20-year-old Christopher Teeter shot and killed himself, but the medical examiner is now saying that looks unlikely.

A 12 pages report details the shot that killed Teeter. It says the bullet came through his left cheek, but police say that the fatal bullet came from the right.

Sergeant Dave Walker with the Tulsa Police said, "I am convinced that Chris Teeter, either accidentally or on purpose, shot himself in the head with a shotgun."

Walker watched Teeter shoot at his officers, and his officers fired back.

"The intent was to take him out," he said.

Teeter put his life, officers' lives and the public in danger. He was driving from Woodland Hills Mall to Promenade high on meth.

"I think we're well within our legal right and would be negligent in our duty if we didn't try to kill him," Walker said.

The chase escalated at 21st & Yale where police said Teeter shot again, then a sergeant returned four shots.

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"But Teeter obviously was not hit or seriously injured at that point because he continued fleeing," Walker said.

Walker said the officer fired again at 41st & Yale.

"We believe that shot missed because Teeter was driving maybe 50 to 60 miles an hour through that intersection," he said.

The fatal blow came two blocks later.

"So the shot was from inside the car. The gas [from the gun] is out the passenger side. And the damage is coming out the driver's side," Walker said.

He said Teeter pointed the shotgun up and shot from the right, but the Medical Examiner says the shot came from the left. The report rules the death undetermined.

Teeter's mom, Misty said, "Christopher did not kill himself. The blast could have in no way been done by him. I'm relieved, but now pissed off."

Police disagree.

"I just can't come to any other conclusion except that round that killed Teeter came from inside Teeter's car," Walker said.

He said if police killed him they'd admit it. He said they would have been right to shoot and kill Teeter as he put his life and others' lives in danger.

We reached out to Teeter's mom for comment, but have not heard back.