A Monday St. Patrick's Day Didn't Stop The Tulsa Celebration

Tuesday, March 18th 2014, 12:03 am
By: News On 6

Saint Patrick's Day may have been on a Monday, but that wasn't stopping people in downtown Tulsa from celebrating. From the Brady District to the Blue Dome District, the party went on for hours.

For the most part, things were under control. Police did have to arrested one person for serving alcohol to a minor, and another for drunk in public, but aside from those, Saint Patrick's Day was a success.

The Blue Dome District was the place to be on Monday, the Brady District also have events for any Irish revelers. In total 10,000 people were expected downtown on Monday as music and the smell of food trucks poured from every street corner.

There was no age limit for the fun to be had. 9-week-old Sam celebrated his first Tulsa Saint Paddy's day, wearing a green puppy dog tail outfit, while his dad played for the crowd.

"It makes me so happy," said celebrator Carrie Karlovich. "We try to come down here for Mayfest and other events. My husband is involved with helping Tulsa grow, as far as events like this, so it makes me happy when I see people are out here doing these things."

But with all the people, police needed to keep an eye on things at all times. We followed Eric Smoot with the Alcohol Beverage Enforcement Commission, as he checked in with bartenders.

"It's getting a little cooler, so people seem to be going more inside. It's one of those nights where the wind is picking up a little bit, so some of the bars are already reaching capacity, which has pushed a few more people outside. We think it will die down a little early just because of the weather," Smoot said.

While the weather did stay on the warmer side, Monday was all about the luck of the Irish.