Tulsa Serial Rape Suspect Using Fake Facebook Page Is Arrested

Friday, March 7th 2014, 7:35 pm
By: News On 6

A serial rape suspect is behind bars Friday. Tulsa police said a man created an elaborate scheme involving a fake Facebook account to lure women to his apartment. They say once the women were there, he drugged and assaulted them.

Sex crimes detectives said at least 11 women thought they were going to meet a man whose Facebook page said his name was Corey Davis, and that he was a model. However, police said the man's real name is Ashley Pullen, and he's unemployed.

Police say at least 11 women eventually decided to go to "Corey's" apartment on 32nd Street North, but when they arrived, they were greeted by a man claiming to be Corey's roommate, who's actually the suspect, Ashley Pullen.

While the women were in the apartment, police say the women received text and Facebook messages from "Corey" claiming he had to go run an errand and would be back soon. Police say Pullen was secretly sending those messages.

The messages reportedly encouraged the women to drink vodka with the so-called roommate, and even offered them money if they'd drink more shots.

One woman said after drinking, her vision became blurry and she became very tired. Another said almost immediately she began to feel strange. A third said she was unable to move and resist. All three were lucid enough to describe the sexual assaults.

One woman said the so-called Corey even texted her later, asking her not to press charges.

"I believe these types of predators have going to using drug facilitated sexual assaults because it's much harder to get caught," TPD Sgt. Mark Mears said.

They say the drugs are often out of the victim's system quickly, and sometimes the victim doesn't remember what happened because she was unconscious.

The photo on the fake Facebook page actually belongs to Richard Rocco, a former U.S. Marine, now turned model, who lives in Los Angeles. Someone told Rocco last month that someone was using his picture to lure women. Rocco wasn't very happy about it and issued a warning, saying it wasn't the first time someone stole his picture.

Police say before you meet someone in person, Google them or do a court records search, and even then, be careful.

"Meet in a public place somewhere, not just public, but public and crowded," Mears said.

If you do meet someone, police say you shouldn't accept a drink from them because it's easy to slip something in it. Police said Pullen was convicted in 2002 and 2003 for assaulting two women while he was in the Army in Fort Carson, Colorado.