Osage SkyNews 6 Gives Great View Of 'Snow Country'

Monday, March 3rd 2014, 4:52 pm
By: News On 6

Osage SkyNews 6 had an early wake-up call Monday morning. Pilot Will Kavanagh took an aerial tour to see what kind of impact the winter weather made on the Tulsa area.

There really is only one place to get the best view when ol' man winter makes a return trip to Tulsa, that's a 1,000 feet in the air in Osage SkyNews 6.

From high above Tulsa, Osage SkyNews 6 has a look at how Green Country was turned into snow country over the weekend. Everywhere you looked snow and ice covered everything, from the Arkansas River to the highways and byways.

The snow played havoc for many drivers, we found this car after it had slid off the road and into a ditch. It's tracks marked what was surely a harrowing journey for its driver.

Then there were two vehicles stuck on the I-44 bridge over the Arkansas River. One, clearly, with front end damage but that's not the worst part: watch closely as a snow plow comes from the opposite side and pushes snow and ice over the concrete barrier right on top of the two cars. 

Snow plows certainly had their work cut out for them. The good news, with most schools out for the day, traffic wasn't nearly as bad. 

One cleared-off interchange stood out as some sort of an early St. Patrick's Day tribute - a perfect cloverleaf. 

Downtown Tulsa is always a sight, even on a snowy Monday. No matter the weather, when nature comes calling on Tulsa, Osage SkyNews 6 will be right there giving you the best view you simply can't get anywhere else. 

Just to give you an example, from February of last year until today Osage SkyNews 6 has flown nearly 61 hours on weather-related stories. That includes everything from storm chasing and to the winter weather we got over the weekend.