Tulsa Dentist Gives Out Free Smiles On Valentine's Day

Friday, February 14th 2014, 11:59 am
By: Dave Davis

A Tulsa dentist is giving out free smiles on Valentine's Day. Dr. Mark Davis is doing free dental work to people who - normally - couldn't afford it. It's happening at the The Perfect Smile in Midtown Tulsa.

The line of folks stopping by and getting their ticket to an extraction, filling or cleaning stretches out the door. Several patients tell us they are so grateful that a tooth that's been bothering them, or long-overdue cleaning, is now taken care of.

The Dentist's Office is probably not the first place you think of on Valentine's Day. But when they're doing free cleanings, fillings and extractions - it's not a bad thought.

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Laura Cochran was the first person in line and had a tooth pulled.

"It's totally worth it. I'll be back to get my cleaning," said patient Laura Cochran.

When she saw the story on News On 6 on Thursday, she drove over to the office and grabbed a ticket. She is one of about 100 patients who did the same thing - got their ticket, stood in line, and got some free dental work.

It's sponsored by a national non-profit - Dentistry from the Heart.

"A lot of people do missions overseas and in various countries. This is sort of my inner-city mission if you will, to help people. Because there's a lot of people here in Tulsa who are hurting and have dental problems that are taken care of, and this is our way to help them out," said Dr. Mark Davis, D.D.S.

But not everyone has a crippling toothache. Jessica Pherigo is a full-time student, with a part-time job, and doesn't have insurance. She had her teeth cleaned.

"I think it's really great for them to reach out to the community," Pherigo said. "I think it's really thoughtful and shows the community that they care, and it's not just about the bottom line for them."

"I'm really happy, except I'm not going to be having my steak dinner tonight for Valentine's Day, which I'm kind of disappointed, but that's ok," said patient Laura Cochran, who had a tooth extracted for free.

While Valentine's Day isn't supposed to feel like pulling teeth, no one here seemed to mind.