Oklahomans Ready For Warmer Temperatures, No Snow

Tuesday, February 11th 2014, 5:37 pm
By: Craig Day

The higher snowfall totals from our latest winter system are in a narrow band west of Tulsa.

The snow covered scenery in Pawnee County really is a pretty sight to see, as long as your vantage point isn't at the end of a snow shovel.

Outside the tax service where his mom works in Cleveland, 11-year-old Ben Joiner has the taxing job of shoveling snow.

"Not too hard, I'm not getting paid for it, but that's okay," Joiner said.

Like most kids his age, he said at least it beats going to school. School is out in a number of districts, including in Pawnee, where there's even more shoveling happening.

When asked what he loved about Oklahoma winters, Pawnee Resident, Derrik Thomason said, "Nothing. The heat at the house."

School employee, Sherry May, had a similar opinion, "I don't like it," May said. "It's cold. I'm ready for spring."

Parts of Pawnee County got several inches of snow from the latest winter storm system; enough to close some hilly roads, and make back roads slick.

"I've had enough," May said. "I drive a school bus, so the back roads have been horrible and I'm ready for them to clear up."

It may not be fun for drivers, or those clearing sidewalks, but kids out of school sure love it. But as fun as it is for kids, it's tiring for those who would like to see the end of winter, and would just as soon be doing a million other things than shoveling again.

"Fishing, I would a whole lot better be fishing," May said.

While just about everyone seems ready for the spring-like temperatures, Oklahoma gets the majority of its snow in February and March. So who knows, there could be more winter weather to come.