Amnesty Period Ends For Tulsa's Unpaid Parking Tickets

Friday, February 7th 2014, 7:19 pm
By: Emory Bryan

A three-week-long parking ticket amnesty is over in the City of Tulsa, and on Friday, there was a small rush of people clearing up their old tickets.

The city's amnesty period is over; the city didn't get as many people responding as they had hoped. They did have some success, including a lady who paid off 16 tickets, some as old as 1999, and she didn't have to pay any of the usual late fees.

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There was a line Friday at city hall at the cashier's window, one of the two places where people could pay off tickets during the amnesty.

The city doesn't have the final numbers yet, but they do know several hundred people came forward to pay at least $5,000 worth of tickets.

Last week, we searched the city's list online and found one offender just steps from city hall. This week, she found us.

She said she got her tickets running late for meetings, but Friday she paid 11, and this time she parked, and paid, at the meter.

Now that the amnesty is over, the city said it will start booting and towing the cars they run across with lots of outstanding tickets.