Bartlesville Officials Say They Were Ready For The Snow

Tuesday, February 4th 2014, 1:55 pm
By: Dave Davis

Officials say the city of Bartlesville was ready for Tuesday's snow storm as five trucks were out early spreading a salt/sand mixture on city streets.

The snow stated coming down just after 7 a.m. and city officials said they had just replenished their salt and sand supplies a few weeks ago. Crews were busy well ahead of the snow.

Washington County Emergency Management director Kary Cox said crews were prepared.

"I know the cold temperatures this week are going to be an additional strain, but we are pretty well prepared.  The crews were out early, even before it started snowing this morning, getting ready and keeping  an eye on the streets," said Kary Cox.

The Bartlesville Police Department reported only one crash due to the weather Tuesday morning.

Bartlesville Public Schools canceled classes. Several Bartlesville parents we talked with said they were pleased with the district's decision.

Matthew Head was driving around snowy Bartlesville with his family Tuesday morning, braving the slushy slippery roads, planning the day for his elementary age kids.

"It's slick, sliding everywhere," said Head. "I'm waiting for it to clear up a bit before we go sledding."

Three other school districts in Washington County, Caney Valley, Copan and Dewey also canceled classes Tuesday.