Oklahoma Highway Patrol Reports Road Conditions, Urges Caution

Tuesday, February 4th 2014, 9:37 am
By: Craig Day

If there's a bright side to the winter weather, Tulsa was spared from some of the major travel problems we've seen in the past. But, there are still dangerous spots and drivers need to be cautious.

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol has issued a warning asking motorists to use extreme caution while driving during Tuesday's winter weather.

Travel in the areas of the panhandle northwest, central and far northeast Oklahoma is discouraged, according to a road conditions up sent out by the Oklahoma Department of Transportation. Crews continue to treat and plow snow-packed roads in these areas.

Metro Tulsa roads are mostly slushy with some slick spot forming, according to the Oklahoma Department of Transportation. They urge drivers to go slow - especially in work zones.

One driver, Eric Foster was forced to walk home after his car failed to make it up a hill after taking his girlfriend home.

"She told me not to take it and I did it anyway," Foster said.

Street conditions in Tulsa had improved by about 11 p.m. with two wrecks reported. EMSA in Tulsa was working five injury wrecks as of 8:40 a.m., according to spokesperson Kelli Bruer. No one had to be taken to the hospital.

While Foster wasn't injured, he was a victim of the road conditions, "Trying to go up the hill, and hey, it just didn't work out for me. Trying to be Superman in this stuff, it's not worth it."

City snowplows and sand trucks were out in force looking for trouble spots and treating them. Drivers were urged to give themselves plenty of room to stop and to use caution since roads may be slick in spots.

Tulsa is under Operation Slick Streets Tuesday. Police are only responding to injury wrecks. If you have a non-injury wreck, go to QuikTrip for a collision report form and check on this News On 6 story on "do-it-yourself" wreck reporting.

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OHP road conditions web site is reporting slick and hazardous road conditions in extreme northeastern Oklahoma and in Okmulgee County. The panhandle and northwestern part of the state is also considered slick and hazardous.

Check Oklahoma Road Conditions

The Department of Transportation reports that crews in western, northwestern and central Oklahoma are reporting slick bridges and overpasses. Crews are treating highways and interstates, according to a news release.

Drivers are urged to slow down, allow plenty of travel time and keep a safe distance while following other cars.

During snow and/or ice conditions, motorists need to:

  • Check road conditions before getting out on the roads.
  • Be aware of "black ice," which looks wet on the roadway, but is actually a thin layer of ice.
  • Stay at least 200 feet behind road-clearing equipment; crews need room to maneuver and can engage plowing or spreading materials without notice.
  • If drivers must travel out of state, they are urged to check area road conditions before heading out.

Out-of-State Road Conditions

Arkansas: 800-245-1672

Colorado: 303-639-1111

Kansas: 866-511-5368

Missouri: 800-222-6400

New Mexico: 800-432-4269

Texas: 800-452-9292