Tulsa Public Schools Out Of Snow Days After Closing Monday

Monday, February 3rd 2014, 7:44 pm
By: Emory Bryan

After using a snow day on Monday, Tulsa Public Schools is out of the snow days built into its calendar.

Tulsa Public is about to start canceling some holidays to make up for snow days and for a day off so teachers can go down to the state capitol and lobby for more funding.

The streets around most Tulsa Public Schools are practically clear, but school was canceled because of the roads the buses would take to get children back and forth to school.

Chris Payne a spokesman for Tulsa Public Schools said, "The main issue is just neighborhoods and getting into hilly areas and there's just some areas where we tend to have difficulties if there's snow."

From the air, some schools like Disney still appear to be surrounded with snow, and so is Roy Clark Elementary. The district sends out plows and salt trucks to work on their property, always planning for class the next day.

At Eliot Elementary that's why the school sidewalks are clear, while the neighborhood sidewalks are not.

But the question is always whether or not children can get to school or be safe in the cold waiting for a bus.

"Today is the 5th day snow day we've allowed for, so at this point if we have more, we'll cut into days when kids otherwise would have been off, " Payne said.

The debate now is the calendar and how to make up for lost time. Tulsa is out of built in snow days, and the next step is to have classes on days that were planned days off.

"We have three alternate days we can add if we need to. The first is February 13, a professional day. The next is February 17, President's day. Then March 14, a conference day, so those are there if we continue to have more snow days."

And Monday the school board could declare March 31 a snow day, essentially, to give teachers the day off to go to the state capitol. If they approve that tonight, that means children will have to go to school February 14.

So far no decision on school for tomorrow, but they'll make the decision no later than 5:30 Tuesday morning.