Man Charged With Rape Accused Of Victim Intimidation

Wednesday, January 15th 2014, 11:15 pm
By: News On 6

Tulsa County prosecutors are fed up with victim intimidation, so, they've hit back with three felony charges against a rape suspect they say was threatening his victim into changing her story.

Prosecutors charged rape suspect, Aundra Walker, who you might remember as the "Pink Pistol Robber," with three charges of intimidating a witness.

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They say he sent her threatening letters, saying she would be killed if she didn't change her testimony.

Police say Walker was waiting in the back of a woman's car with a gun when she came out of a convenience store, forced her to drive to an abandoned building and raped her.

They say the very next day, he kidnapped a woman, made her drive home, robbed her, then when a relative came to check on her, they say Walker robbed the man too.

According to police, on December 13, Walker had a fellow inmate send the rape victim a threatening text message through the inmate's girlfriend. Just a few days later, they say the rape victim got two letters in the mail from the jail; one addressed to her and one addressed to a loved one.

It contained threats including, "I want to start off by saying there is a hit out on you with the price of $8,000. Now this hit could be stopped at any time."

Also, "I don't care what the police tell you they can't help you on this one. If you come to court you need to change your statement or don't show up to court anymore."

The letters say if she changed her statement, she wouldn't have to worry about getting "flat-lined" and if she thought police could protect her, she should think of the 18-year-old man's skull that was found last fall in a wooded area in Tulsa.

The letters also said that man didn't have a chance but he was giving her a one, and gave her a deadline of December 23.

The letter to her loved one basically repeated the threat of a hit and had the same deadline, but added, "Only if the case is dropped the light will turn red."

Police say whoever wrote the letters had access to the original report, because the letter to the victim had not only her name and address, but, also her social security number and the name of the original officer who took the report.

The punishment for witness intimidation is one to ten years in prison.

Walker is also charged with ten other felonies for the robbery and rape cases.