Winter Storm Inspires Oklahomans To Do Good Deeds

Friday, December 6th 2013, 1:19 pm
By: Richard Clark

The major winter storm that brought ice and heavy snow to Oklahoma, also turned many Oklahomans into Good Samaritans.

The News On 6 Facebook page is full of stories of Oklahomans who weren't content to stay inside where it's warm. Instead, they headed out into the cold to help their friends, neighbors and even complete strangers.

Tera Brown said she sent her children outside to play in the snow. When she went to check on them, her 12-year-old son Riley was shoveling the neighbor's driveway.

Julie Ottmar-Roberson of Bartlesville shared a photo of her husband helping their elderly neighbor by shoveling the neighbor's driveway.

Gina Anderson from Owasso says her neighbor, Amel Miller, is always kind and helpful, but he really helps out in bad weather.

"He has helped several neighbors build decks, will mow your lawn when you're out of town, haul your limbs to his burn pile, etc. When it snows, he clears the neighborhood streets and some driveways even. He is the best neighbor ever and we appreciate him!!!" she wrote.

Lupita Macial said her car skidded into the median near the Tulsa Hills shopping area after work. She says she would have been stuck for hours but three strangers stopped and pushed her back into the road so she could get home. "God bless them," she wrote.

Jacque Macaruso says she's disabled and can't get out. Her next door neighbor came over and checked on her Thursday night and his kids cleaned off her porch and sidewalk Friday morning. "I'm one very lucky person," she told us.

Sarah Stuckey, a surgical technology student, at Community Care College is thankful for the security officer. "He went around to all of our cars and lifted our wiper blades up before they froze to the glass. He's so awesome!"