Tulsa Company To Relocate To Broken Arrow, Add Jobs

Monday, December 2nd 2013, 11:23 am
By: Dave Davis

Business is giong so well for a Tulsa company that its outgrown its home of more than 25 years and is making plans to move.

Molded Products, Inc. broke ground Monday on a new building in east Broken Arrow. The Tulsa company makes seals, molded goods - pretty much anything rubber - for industries all over the country.

The new 30,000 sq. foot. facility will bring the company all together in one place.

"We currently operate 24 hours a day, 5 days a week out of two separate facilities. We look forward to streamlining our operations by having everyone under one roof," said business manager Allen Clonts.

Molded Products, currently located at 11524 East 58th Street in Tulsa says they decided to make the move because of the state Small Employer Quality Jobs Program tax incentives available in Wagoner County.

"This building will have much better circulation, the venting will be very good. We tried to put a lot of thought and planning into taking into account the employees' needs and stuff. So it will be a much better environment for them," Clonts said.

Clonts said their new building will provide room for up to 20,000 sq. ft. of expansion.

The City of Broken Arrow is excited for the current 40 employees to start working in BA.

"These are folks who will come and spend money in Broken Arrow. They'll shop in our stores, eat in our restaurants, buy gas at our gas stations. And that's retail dollars that help us," said Kinnee Tilly, Sr. VP of Broken Arrow Economic Development Corp.

The company tells us they hope to hire up to 15 new employees in the next couple years.

The building should be done long before then. If everything goes as planned, Molded Products will be moving into their new place in eight months.