ONG Offers Extra Black Friday Weekend Rebate For Gas Dryers

Tuesday, November 26th 2013, 6:49 pm
By: Emory Bryan

Oklahoma Natural Gas is offering a higher-than-usual rebate if you buy a natural gas clothes dryer, but it's just for this weekend.

There's normally a $400 rebate on gas dryers from ONG, but for the Black Friday weekend, they're increasing it to $500. That means some dryers are free with the rebate.

The basic rebate has been around for a couple of years, but still most people buy electric models, even though gas is more efficient.

The same model in a gas version will cost more up front, but the rebate more than offsets the difference.

"In many cases, it makes the dryer free. If you don't have gas at your house, they'll pay up to $100 to have it run in, so you can get $500, and with Black Friday, they'll offer an additional $100 on the gas dryer," said Lee Sherman, of Hahn Appliance.

The normal rebate is $400 on a dryer. This weekend, ONG will pay an extra $100. For installation, they'll pay another $100. That's up to $600 off the price of a dryer and installation.

"Six hundred dollars for Black Friday weekend, any store in the state where you buy a natural gas clothes dryer, so we think that's a really, really big incentive for people to look at changing to a natural gas dryer or buying a new dryer with it being natural gas," said ONG spokesperson Cherokee Ballard.

At Hahn Appliance, they expect more people to switch to gas, saving money up front with the rebate, and in the long term with a more efficient appliance.

"Gas is certainly less expensive just for the general operation, so you'll save money just by using it every day," Sherman said.

ONG says they have plenty of money available for the rebates, so there's no danger of it running out, and some customers say the rebates come in about a week.

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