Skiatook 6th Grader Says Teen Boy Punched Her On The School Bus

Wednesday, November 20th 2013, 10:39 pm

A Green Country mother is pressing charges after she says a high school boy punched her 6th grade daughter on a school bus.

The Skiatook girl said this isn't the first time she's been bullied.

“People call me ugly and stupid and annoying. It makes me feel left out and not wanted,” the girl said.

But it is the first time she said she's been assaulted.

The girl's mom said her daughter was hit so hard that she had to take her to the ER, where doctors told the young girl she had a concussion. The girl said she's been bullied for several years and asked we protect her identity to keep the abuse from getting any worse.

"Everyone on the bus was laughing at me," the girl said.

At just 11 years old, she's full of embarrassment, pain and confusion.

"And I didn't do anything to him."

The 6th grade girl said she was riding the bus home from school when someone dared a high school boy - about 15 or 16, she said - to punch her.

"I didn't think he was actually going to do it," she said.

She said she tried to ignore the boys, but it didn't help.

"He punched me in the right side of the face with his closed hand and then I turned around and looked at him and he slapped me with the other," she said.

The young girl was crying when the bus dropped her off at home, where mom was waiting.

"I'm sad, I'm heartbroken, I don't understand it," her mother said. "It's came to this point and this is the point where it stops."

The girl's mother said she has filed reports with the Osage County Sheriff's Office and Skiatook Police. She's also visited school administrators about what happened.

"There's got to be something put in place to protect these kids, because my kid is scared to death to go to school, she's scared to death to get on the bus," the mother said. "And I know that the teachers and principals do what they can, but there's got to be more."

There are security cameras in all of the Skiatook school buses. We spoke with the superintendent, who said he is taking these allegations very seriously and he'll be reviewing all of the footage.

The girl's mother said she's happy with the way the school is handling it.

“There needs to be an example, it needs to be taken seriously and somebody's got to do something,” the mother said.

Meanwhile, her daughter just hopes the school 

remembers her story and uses it to bring an end to the abuse.

"I just want something to happen so I can stop being bullied," she said. "I don't want to go to that school anymore. I just want to be like a normal person."

The superintendent said, if what the young girl says is true, then disciplinary actions will be taken against the boy accused of hitting her.

As for the past bullying, the girl’s mother said the school has helped her, but said there’s only so much the school can do. The rest, she said, rides on the parents’ shoulders.

“Sit ‘em down and look them straight in the eye and explain the damage that this does. Bullying, assault, that's a crime and it's not acceptable,” the mother said.