Tulsa Woman Arrested In Deadly Tulsa Apartment Fire Has Criminal Record

Tuesday, November 19th 2013, 10:55 pm
By: News On 6

Miashah Moses had been looking after her two nieces for less than 45 minutes after their mother left for work Monday afternoon, before the apartment burned, killing both girls.

Police said the woman was causing a scene at the hospital where her sister was being treated Monday, and that's when family members called police.

We spoke with Miashah Moses's grandfather. Robert Moses said he's worried about his granddaughters--one, the mother of the two little girls killed in the fire, and another behind bars, accused of leaving them in the apartment alone.

Police said Miashah Moses told them she had left a pan of chicken frying on the stove and stepped out just for a minute to take out the trash, Monday afternoon. But detectives said security camera footage contradicted that story. They said Moses was gone for up to 10 minutes.

Meanwhile, firefighters said a grease fire likely started on the stove and quickly spread throughout the apartment.

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"Had there been someone there, properly looking after the children, properly supervising the children, they would have noticed the fire before it got out of hand, maybe been able to put it out. If nothing else, they probably could have gotten the children out safely," said Cpl. Greg Smith, with the Tulsa Police Child Crisis Unit.

Miashah was arrested Tuesday on two complaints of child neglect.

"It's hard for me. I'm trying to keep my family together, you know? I try to be strong for them, because they look up to me to be there," said Robert Moses, the great-grandfather of the two girls who were killed.

Robert said he is grieving the loss of 18-month-old Nylah Moses and 4-year-old Noni Moses, while coming to grips with the fact that his granddaugther, who he calls "Shay-Shay," faces charges of child neglect.

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Video from Osage SkyNews 6 Monday afternoon, shows Miashah Moses sobbing on the sidewalk, while firefighters raced to put out the flames that had trapped her nieces in their apartment.

Miashah Moses told police she locked the door when she left the apartment, then couldn't get the key to work when she returned. Witnesses said they tried to help and kicked in the door, but the fire and smoke prevented them from entering.

An arrest report shows Miashah told detectives she ran into a "homie" in the parking lot, while she was taking out the trash.

Court records show Miashah pleaded no contest to assault and battery charges in 2010 and, later that year, pleaded guilty to second degree burglary.

She also pleaded guilty to charges of possession of marijuana and obstructing an officer last year. According to an affidavit, Miashah was arrested after she was pepper sprayed by Tulsa Transit security at the downtown bus station. When police arrived, after being called by Tulsa Transit, officers said Miashah lied about her identity. Asked if she had anything illegal or dangerous on her, police said she answered, "I don't know, I borrowed these jeans." Officers said they found marijuana in her pocket.

Jail records show Miashah was booked for non-payment of court costs on three past cases, as well as the two counts of child neglect Tuesday.

Robert Moses said he'll never forget his loving and bubbly great-granddaughters.

"We're handling it the best we can--that's all we can do. Sit together, pray, that's it," Robert said.

Moses is being held on $100,000 bond in the Tulsa County jail.