Rogers County Authorities Arrest 1 In K-2 Raid At Store Near Foyil

Friday, November 15th 2013, 6:31 pm
By: News On 6

The owner of a business near Foyil was arrested Friday, accused of selling synthetic marijuana.

Deputies say at least three people show up every month at a hospital in Rogers County, sick from smoking the substance known as K-2, which is sold as incense or potpourri.

What led up to the raid is deputies say they've made three undercover buys of synthetic marijuana there: one in September, one in October and one in November. When they went inside, they found quite a lot of it locked in a floor safe.

Deputies, officers and agents met about a mile from the Okie Mart near Foyil for a final briefing before serving the search warrant.

The Rogers County THUG task force began the investigation many months ago, after getting repeated complaints from citizens who live in the area or know people who bought the synthetic drugs at the store.

Once deputies entered, they first rounded up employees.

Deputy: "We've had information you're selling K-2 here. You say you're not selling it, right?"
Employee: "No."
Deputy: "Never sold it here?"
Employee: "I have never sold it here."

At the exact moment deputies were going into the store, another team of officers was serving a search warrant on the owner's home in Owasso.

They pulled five people from the house and found a sixth man hiding upstairs, but the only arrest made was Okie Mart's owner, Muhammed Islam.

Police say they pulled a lot of the product from a floor safe in the back of the store. They say it had a street value of more than $5,000.

They Islam personally sold it to a customer on November 4.

Deputies say this is not the potpourri you find in craft stores--this is sprayed with a chemical compound and sold at a much higher price, about $10 a gram.

"The good stuff, as it's referred to, is not kept on the shelf," said Sheriff Scott Walton. "They go back and, in a clandestine manner, retrieve this and put it into a food bag so somebody doesn't see that package."

Deputies say, even though the packages say not for human consumption, they are sold for the purpose of getting people high, which is illegal under Oklahoma law.

One of the witnesses deputies talked to said his daughter bought K-2 there and had a seizure after she smoked it. He wanted to handle things in his own way, but was glad to hear deputies made an arrest.

Read The 11-Page Search Warrant Affidavit