Tulsa Police Arrest Second Woman Sought In Connection With Murder Investigation

Tuesday, November 12th 2013, 7:03 pm
By: News On 6

Tulsa Police Tuesday night arrested a woman they said was involved in a recent murder.

One homicide detective said the city's 58th homicide of 2013 could have been prevented.

Quinton Shaver was found dead in a home two days ago and police say any number of people could've stopped it. But detectives said they were too worried about getting into trouble for their drug lifestyle to call police.

Detectives said a lot of murders can't be prevented, but they believe this one could've been, that Quinton Shaver would be alive today if someone would've just picked up a phone.

They said a lot of people knew George July was out of control: an ex-con, carrying a gun, committing crimes and becoming violent, but nobody notified police.

Police arrested George July for killing Quinton Shaver on Sunday.

Tuesday night, police brought into Angel Proctor in for questioning. Detectives said she is equally as responsible as July for a recent string of violence.

Police said Proctor was located around 7 p.m., in the 3100 block of East Latimer Street.

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They found Michele Ashlock Tuesday afternoon. Records show she was charged for possession of meth in June. Police believe her drug lifestyle dragged her into this mess, and they said someone had beaten her up pretty badly.

"We have reason to believe she was present at the time of the murder and have reason to believe she was a victim of violence before and during the murder," said Tulsa Police Sgt. Dave Walker.

Records show George July had been in prison for many years for violent crimes committed in Mayes, Wagoner, Rogers and Muskogee Counties. Police say he's a member of the prison gang, the Indian Brotherhood. They said he robbed a woman with a knife and baseball bat earlier this year and is known to carry a gun. He was also becoming increasingly violent, but people around him seemed too scared to call the police.

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"Let me tell you, folks, George July needed someone to call in on him before this went to this point. If we only have one dead, I think we'll be lucky," Walker said.

There's no word yet on what Angel Proctor will be charged with, but police said she is a dangerous woman.

"She's every bit as volatile as George July and that's why we're appealing to those people in the dope world to quit hiding her," Walker said.

Walker said there's going to have to come a time when the dope world and violent world part ways. He said those using drugs need to know, when it comes to violence and murder, they must do the right thing and notify someone, rather than worrying about protecting their habit.