Coffeyville Man Witnesses Deadly Crash On 169 In Tulsa

Friday, November 1st 2013, 11:03 pm
By: Tess Maune

A crash killed one woman and sent the man who was driving her to jail. The fatal accident happened at the I-244 junction of Highway 169 Thursday night.

George Carr is in the Tulsa County jail accused of second degree manslaughter. Police say he was driving with a suspended Nevada driver's license.

Just one car was involved in the crash that happened around rush hour.

One of the drivers who watched the whole thing happen stopped to help, only to find, the best thing he could do was be there for a stranger as she took her last breath.

Thursday night was a sleepless one for Joe Phillips.

"It just kind of played through my mind all night long," Phillips said.

That sleepless night led to a day full of questions.

"I still don't know anything about her or anything like that," he said.

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Phillips was making his regular drive on Highway 169 from his job in Tulsa, back to his home in Coffeyville.

"It started out like any other," Phillips said.

He was barely 15 minutes into his commute, when Phillips said he watched a car crash into a barrier and saw a woman thrown from the passenger side.

"She went out the vehicle, hit the ground and was sliding when the vehicle rolled on top of her," Phillips said.

That's when Phillips said his instincts kicked in instantly.

He made a U-turn in the middle of the highway and used his truck to block the ramp onto I-244.

"I could not pass up, drive by, seeing someone laying there injured and nobody caring enough to stop and see what can be done," Phillips said.

Phillips said the driver, George Carr, told him he had unbuckled the woman's seatbelt to lean over to give her a kiss just before the crash.

"His main concern was that she was okay," Phillips said.

But she wasn't okay.

Phillips said, when he got to her, it was clear she couldn't be saved.

"Knowing that there was nothing I could've done, it kind of just makes your own heart stop for a second," Phillips said.

And in that heart-stopping moment, Phillips stayed by the woman's side, holding her hand and comforting the complete stranger in her dying moments.

"The two last words that she was able to mumble out loud was, 'Love him.'"

Police have not released the victim's name yet. We're told they're still trying to contact some of her family.

Phillips said her family is welcome to contact him, if they have any questions.

He said he plans to attend the woman's funeral once the service arrangements are made.